Ghent University’s Russia Platform becomes Eureast Platform

(08-07-2022) Russia's war against Ukraine has stirred up a lot of emotions, also within the Russia Platform – one of the regional platforms of Ghent University, each of which focuses on academic collaboration with a specific country or region.

Soon after the start of the war, the Steering Group decided that the Platform’s regional focus and name should be re-evaluated (read the statements here). Finally, the Platform can announce the results of this re-evaluation. 

The Russia Platform becomes the Eureast Platform. Besides a new name, the Platform also adopts a new regional focus.
One of the most important arguments for changing the Platform’s name and focus was the need for a broader, inclusive approach to its regional scope. In effect, from a single-country focused platform the Steering Group decided to change into a truly regional and, hence, inclusive platform.

The Platform will include Eastern Europe and Eurasia in its focus, two large regions that historically are interconnected. These two regions do not just cover the whole area that the Platform actually wishes to cover, but they also include Russia, which still falls within the Platform’s scope.
This decision has now also been ratified by the Executive Council of Ghent University.

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