Aanstelling Marthe De Boevre


We would like to inform you that the university board appointed Mrs. Marthe DE BOEVRE as professor in our faculty as of February 1st, 2021. Prof. dr. Marthe DE BOEVRE is attached to the department FW03, in the Centre of Excellence in Mycotoxicology and Public Health. We want to welcome prof. DE BOEVRE and wish her every success.
Marthe De Boevre was born in Ghent (Belgium) on February 7th 1986. In 2013 she graduated at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ghent University) with the PhD-dissertation ‘Chemical risks related to food and feed containing masked Fusarium mycotoxins’ under supervision of late Prof. dr. Carlos Van Peteghem and Prof. dr. Sarah De Saeger. To date, she leads the research domain ‘clinical mycotoxicology’ within the Department of Bioanalysis (FW03) at Ghent University. She investigates the impact of multiple mycotoxins as potential contributing factors on human carcinomas, but also on growth retardation, human drug interactions and allergy-sensitization by applying human biomonitoring in prospective cohorts within multiple (inter)national research projects. In 2019 Marthe De Boevre and her team received the CRIG young investigators proof-of-concept grant (YIPOC grant). In 2020 she received an ERC Starting Grant for her project ‘HuMyco’, a multi-disciplinary project combining both fundamental as applied science, and contributing to disease prevention by identifying possible risks for developing cancer as a result of multiple mycotoxin contamination. She is section editor ‘human health’ of the World Mycotoxin Journal, and coordinates the ITN UGent MYTOX-SOUTH® (http://mytoxsouth.org), which is an intercontinental partnership to improve food security & food safety through mitigation of mycotoxins at global level. She will become responsible for the course ‘Bioanalytical practical’ (3rd BA) at the faculty.