Yorick Janssens

Yorick Janssens


Contact info:

Yorick Janssens

Drug Quality and Registration (DruQuaR) group
Ottergemsesteenweg 460, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)

Phone.: + 32 (0)9 264.80.99 (secr. 81.01)

E-mail: Yorick.Janssens@UGent.be






Ph.D. research:

Title: The influence of quorum sensing peptides on the brain.


Quorum sensing peptides (QSP) are peptides secreted by Gram-positive bacteria to communicate with each other in a cell density dependent manner. Bacteria use these peptides to regulate a diverse array of bacterial activities like biofilm formation, virulence and motility.

Our recent findings showed that quorum sensing peptides are also able to interact with human host cells and are able to cross the blood-brain barrier. Moreover, increasing clinical evidence indicates that there exists a possible correlation between the microbiome composition in the gut and psychiatric diseases. Hence, we postulate a possible role for QSP in these diseases. The goal of this project is to investigate this role. First, the blood-brain barrier properties of selected QSP will be further investigated in vivo using multiple-time regression models and bio-analytical methods. Second, the effects of these QSP on different neuronal cell types will be investigated in vitro. At last, the possible effects of these QSP on behavior are investigated in vivo in mice using different kinds of behavior tests.  

Keywords: quorum sensing peptides; psychiatric disorders; behavior.