Apr. Frits van Charante

Apr. Frits van Charante

Apr. Frits van Charante

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (LPM)
Universiteit Gent
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent - Belgium

Tel: 32 - (0) 9 264 81 42 or (0) 9 264 80 93
Fax: 32 - (0) 9 264 81 95

E-mail: Frits.vancharante@ugent.be

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Frits Van Charante graduated as MSc. in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands in 2017 and is currently working as a PhD student in the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (LPM). He is working on anti-biofilm coatings for medical devices as part of the PRINT-AID project.

Medical device associated infections are becoming an ever increasing issue as the application increases and bacteria become more resistant to antibiotics especially as they form a biofilm on the device. Multiple species of bacteria have been identified with these infections, with Staphylococcus aureus as the most common culprit.  Often these infections cannot be treated successfully and as such these infections have a high mortality rate. Developing devices that are not susceptible to bacterial infections would prevent such infections form happening.

The focus of Frits' research is developing potentiators for antimicrobial compounds integrated in medical devices, which will increase their ability to revent an infection. As potentiators quorum sensing inhibitors will be investigated.  Quorum sensing is the process by which bacteria communicate with each   other and is involved in the process of biofilm formation including for Staphylococcus aureus. By limit biofilm formation the antimicrobial drugs will be more effective decreasing the likelihood that an infection will occur.