Research on laser-treatment of biofilms in the news


Combatting biofilm infections by lasers and nanoparticles clearly speaks to the imagination. This research work by former PhD student dr. Eline Teirlinck not only won the APGI award 2019 , but received quite some media attention as well (see links provided below). It is the result of a fruitful collaboration with prof. Tom Coenye (Lab. Of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) which was funded both by the Ghent University Special Research Fund and the ERC Consolidator Grant NANOBUBBLE awarded to prof. Kevin Braeckmans in 2015. This research was originally published open access in Nature Communications  and Biofilm .

In the media:

Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Materials: “Bubbly for Biofilms”,

Research Highlight in Nature Nanotechnology: “Piercing the Biofilm”,

Featured in Infectious Diseases Hub: Laser-induced vapor nanobubbles: a new local hotspot in the anti-biofilm landscape

Featured in The Scientist: Laser-triggered nanobubbles blast a path into biofilms.