Publications in press

  • Triggered Release from Cellulose Microparticles Inspired by Wood Degradation by Fungi
    Qu, Qingli; Zhang, Jian; Chen, Xiaoqiong; Ravanbakhsh, Hossein; Tang, Guosheng; Xiong, Ranhua; Manshian, Bella; Soenen, Stefaan; Sauvage, Félix; Braeckmans, Kevin; De Smedt, Stefaan; Huang, Chaobo
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering2020,accepted
  • Synergy between intraperitoneal aerosolization (PIPAC) and cancer nanomedicine: cisplatin-loaded polyarginine-hyaluronic acid nanocarriers efficiently eradicate peritoneal metastasis of advanced human ovarian cancer
    Shariati, Molood; Lollo, Giovanna; Matha, Kevin; Descamps, Benedicte; Vanhove, Christian; Van de Sande, Leen; Willaert, Wouter; Balcaen, Lieve; Vanhaecke, Frank; Benoit, Jean-Pierre; Ceelen, Wim; De Smedt, Stefaan; Remaut, Katrien
     ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Manuscript2020,accepted
  • Local release of siRNA using polyplex-loaded thermosensitive hydrogels
    Lies A.L. Fliervoet, Heyang Zhang, Emma van Groesen, Kyra Fortuin, Naut J.C.B. Duin, Katrien
    Remaut, Raymond M. Schiffelers, Wim E. Hennink, and Tina Vermonden
    Nanoscale2020, accepted
  • Nanomaterials to avoid and destroy protein aggregates
    Félix Sauvage , Joost Schymkowitz , Frederic Rousseau, Bela Z. Schmidt, Katrien Remaut , Kevin Braeckmans , Stefaan C. De Smedt
    Nano Today,2020, accepted