Publications in press

    • High pressure nebulization as application route for the peritoneal administration of sirna complexes
      An-Katrien Minnaert, George R Dakwar Juan M. Benito, José M. García Fernández, W. Ceelencd, Stefaan C. De Smedt, Katrien Remaut
    • Exploring extracellular vesicles for siRNA delivery and Raman-based diagnostics
      Stephan Stremersch, Stefaan De Smedt ,Kevin Braeckmans,  Koen Raemdonck
      Belgian journal of medical oncology 2018, accepted
    • Repurposing cationic amphiphilic drugs as adjuvants to induce lysosomal siRNA escape in nanogel transfected cells
      Freya Joris , Lynn De Backer , Thijs Van de Vyver , Chiara Bastiancichb, Stefaan C. De Smedt , Koen Raemdonck
      Journal of Controlled Release 2017, accepted
    • Bypassing border control: nuclear envelope rupture in disease
      Gaëlle Houthaeve, Joke Robijns, Kevin Braeckmans, Winnok H. De Vos
      Physiology 2017, accepted
    • Co-delivery of nucleoside-modified mRNA and TLR agonists for cancer immunotherapy: restoring the immunogenicity of immunosilent mRNA
      Rein Verbeke, Ine Lentacker, Laura Wayteck, Karine Breckpot, MIeke Van Bockstal, Benedicte Descamps, Christian Vanhove, Stefaan De Smedt, Heleen Dewitte
      Journal of Controlled Release 2017, accepted
    • Small molecules convey big messages: boosting non-viral nucleic acid delivery with low molecular weight drugs
      Freya Joris, Stefaan De Smedt, Koen Raemdonck
      Nano Today 2017, accepted
    • Comparing photoporation and nucleofection for delivery of small interfering RNA to cytotoxic T cells
      Laura Wayteck, Ranhua Xionga, Kevin Braeckmans, Stefaan C. De Smedt, Koen Raemdonck
      Journal of Controlled Release 2017, accepted
    • .In vitro and ex vivo delivery of tailored siRNA-nanoliposomes for E2F1
      silencing as a potential therapy for colorectal cancer
      Sabrina Bochicchio, Barbara Dapasc1, Ilaria Russod1, Carolina Ciaccid, Ornella Piazzad,
      Stefaan De Smedt, Eline Pottiee, Anna Angela Barbaa, Gabriele Grassic
      International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2017, accepted
    • Intracellular delivery of oligonucleotides in Helicobacter pylori by fusogenic liposomes in the presence of gastric mucus
      Rita S. Santos, George R. Dakwar, Elisa Zagato, Toon Brans, Céu Figueiredo, Koen Raemdonck, Nuno F. Azevedo, Stefaan C. De Smedt and Kevin Braeckmans
      Biomaterials 2017, accepted
    • High pressure nebulization as application route for the peritoneal administration of siRNA complexes.
      A. Minnaert, G. Dakwar, J. Benito, J. Garcia Fernandez, W. Ceelen, S. De Smedt, K. Remaut
      Macromolecular Bioscience 2017, accepted
    • Fabrication of Sustained-release CA-PU Coaxial Electrospun Fiber Membranes for Plant Grafting Application
      C. Huang, R. Xiong, S. C. De Smedt
      Carbohydrate Polymers 2017, accepted
    • he In Vitro Nanoneurotoxicity of Differentially Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Neural Cell Labeling
      F. Joris, D. Valdeperez, B. Pelaz, S. Doak, B. Manshian, S. J. Soenen, W. Parak, S. De Smedt, K. Raemdonck
      Acta Biomaterialia 2017, accepted
    • Effect of hyaluronic acid-binding to lipoplexes on intravitreal drug delivery for retinal gene therapy
      Thomas F Martens, Karen Peynshaert, Thaís Leite Nascimento , Elias Fattal ,, Marcus Karlstetter , Thomas Langmann , Serge Picaud , Jo Demeester , Stefaan C De Smedt , Katrien Remaut , Kevin Braeckmans
      European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017, accepted
    • PEGylated and functionalized aliphatic polycarbonate polyplex nanoparticles for intravenous administration of HDAC5 siRNA in cancer therapy
      Frère, Antoine; Baroni, Alexandra; Hendrick, Elodie; Delvigne, Anne-Sophie; Orange, François; Peulen, Olivier; Dakwar, George; Diricq, Jérôme; Dubois, Philippe; Evrard, Brigitte; Remaut, Katrien; Braeckmans, Kevin; De Smedt, Stefaan; Laloy, Julie; Dogné, Jean-Michel; Feller, Georges; Mespouille, Laetitia; Mottet, Denis; Piel, Geraldine
      ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, accepted
    • Nanomedicines-based intraperitoneal therapy for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis - mission possible?
      G. Dakwar, W. Ceelen, W.Willaert, M. Shariati, S. De Smedt, K. Remaut
      Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2016, accepted
    • Cytosolic delivery of nano-labels prevents their asymmetric inheritance and enables extended quantitative in vivo cell imaging
      Ranhua Xiong, Freya Joris, Sayuan Liang, Riet De Rycke, Saskia Lippens, Jo Demeester, Andre Skirtach, Koen Raemdonck, Uwe Himmelreich, Stefaan C. De Smedt, Kevin Braeckmans
      Nano Letters 2016, accepted
    • Polyimide/Cellulose Acetate Core/Shell Electrospun Fibrous Membranes for Oil-water Separation
      Chaobo Huang, Sangram Samal Keshari, Stefaan De Smedt
      Separation and Purification Technology 2016, accepted