Charlotte Hinnekens






Laboratory for General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy
Ghent University
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
9000 Gent
Tel: 0032 9 264 80 47 (secretary)
Tel: 0032 9 264 83 65 (direct)
Fax: 0032 9 2648189


Charlotte Hinnekens started a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Science at Ghent University in 2015. She subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in Drug Development in 2020 with great distinction. She performed her master thesis titled: “Characterization of the Structural Properties of an Enteric Coating, the Role of a Plasticizer and Influence on the Permeability, under different Conditions” at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Research interests

Nanobombs, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Cell engineering, Cellular therapy.

Summary of Research Project(s)

This project is aimed at enhancing the intracellular delivery of gene-editing compounds in patient-derived and NK cells by light-triggered ‘nanobombs’ as a new kind of more performant biocompatible photothermal nanomaterial. Different types of light-triggered nanobombs will be synthesized of which the delivery efficiency, acute cytotoxicity, as well as effects on cell homeostasis and therapeutic functionality will be compared with state-of-the art electroporation. The best formulations will be taken forward to produce CAR cells for preclinical evaluation in vivo.