Sofie Meulewaeter

Sofie Meulewaeter


Sofie Meulewaeter
Laboratory for General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy
Ghent University
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
9000 Ghent
Tel: 0032 9 264 8047 (secretary)
Tel: 0032 9 264 8365 (direct)



Sofie Meulewaeter obtained the degree of Master in Chemical Engineering Technology at KU Leuven in 2015. Subsequently, she started studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University and graduated in 2019 with great distinction. She performed her master’s thesis in 2018 at the Laboratory of Gene Therapy (prof. Niek Sanders), title: ‘Exploration of the variables of electroporation for the transfection of a macrophage cell line’. In August 2019, Sofie started her PhD at the Laboratory of General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy (FWO fellowship strategic basic research). During her PhD, Sofie assists practical exercises of Physical Pharmacy.


Cancer vaccination aims at generating a specific immune response against tumor antigens (TAs). Our group developed an mRNA-based vaccine termed Galsomes: lipid nanoparticles incorporating immunosilent TA mRNA and α-galactosylceramide. Uptake of Galsomes by dendritic cells generates a multifaceted immune response which is able to attack the tumor on multiple fronts. Sofie’s research focuses on the combination therapy of Galsomes and checkpoint inhibitors and on the clinical translation of the Galsome platform.