The NMR facilities at the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry are available for structure determination for the ongoing synthesis programs. We also offer NMR services to all scientists belonging to the Ghent University or from outside.

On Oktober 07, 2019 we celebrated the inauguration of our Second NMR Instrument (which replaced the first one from 2001 a Varian_Agilent Mercury 300 NMR Spectrometer): AVANCE NEO 400 MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer HIGH PERFORMANCE DIGITAL NMR SPECTROMETER, MAGNET SYSTEM ASCEND™ 400 MHz, Ultra Long Hold Magnet, Ascend superconducting magnet system, 54 mm bore, actively shielded; 1 YEAR He hold time.
  • operation field at 9.4 Tesla
  • stray field: radial 0.5m / axial 1.0m

Available Probe: Broadband Probehead; 400 MHz - RT-DR-BF/lH-5mm-OZ SmartProbe iProbe

5mm X-nuclei-optimized double resonance broad banded probe designed for direct X-nuclei

observation with 1H decoupling and 1H observation (Indirect detection). The iProbe offers

superior single or multiple solvent suppression. Multipurpose probe with highest sensitivities for X

and 1H detection.

Features (PA BBO BBF-H-D-05 OZ SP IP):

  • 2H Lock
  • inner-coil optimized for observation on the BB range: 19F - 199Hg and 170 - 109Ag
  • outer-coil optimized for 1H observation, decoupling, and for solvent suppression
  • VT range -150 °C to +150 °C
  • Z gradient with 5 G/A*cm
  • Integrated VT Adapter
  • Automatic Probe Recognition
  • Fast Automated tuning & matching (ATM 2G)
  • Gas Compensation: AIR