Christoph Portier

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
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Education : Industrial Pharmacist (Master in Drug Development & Advanced Master in Industrial Pharmacy)

Innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing of tablets via continuous twin screw granulation

Although the implementation of continuous production in the pharmaceutical industry is lagging behind compared to other industries (e.g. oil, food), interest has raised over the past years. With the publication of the FDA PAT guidance in 2004, it became clear that regulatory authorities allow the possibility of implementing continuous manufacturing processes.

Continuous manufacturing shows several advantages compared to (conventional) batch manufacturing:
- Up-scaling can often be avoided by extending the process time
- Easier to automize
- Possibility of on-line monitoring instead of off-line analysis
- Less space and staff needed, leading to lower cost
- Reduced equipment down-time

This research project focuses on continuous tablet production using twin screw wet granulation as an intermediate process step (ConsiGma-25).consigmachristoph

The main goals of this project are:
- To link raw material attributes (i.e., APIs and excipients) with their (twin screw) granulation behavior
- To investigate the impact of process variables on process performance and (end) product quality
- To gain in-depth knowledge on the granulation mechanism during twin screw granulation