Elien De Coninck

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technologyelien

Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
Tel : +32-9-264.80.60
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Education : Pharmacist (Master in Drug Development)


Development and characterization of a versatile drug delivery platform using fatty acids as functional excipients

As oral drug delivery remains the most important route for drug administration, the development and characterization of a versatile drug delivery platform which provides flexibility towards drug release profiles remains highly relevant. The project focuses on multiparticulate lipid-based oral dosage forms providing sustained-release properties or protection to moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals, using fatty acids as functional excipients. The selection of fatty acids is based on their chemical stability after thermal processing and during storage.

To evaluate the potential of fatty acid-based oral drug delivery systems, several aspects will be evaluated: effect of the (a) thermal processing technique (via prilling or solid lipid extrusion) and (b) composition (type of fatty acid, addition of release modifiers, …), (c) processing of moisture-sensitive drugs, (d) fixed dose combinations processed via co-extrusion.

Full characterization of the different dosage forms from the molecular level to the bulk level will provide a thorough understanding of this fatty acid-based system, thus ensuring the formulation of reproducible and stable dosage forms with specific drug release profiles.