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Ana Almeida

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Ana Raquel Almeida
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
Harelbekestraat 72, 9000 Gent (Belgium)
Tel: +32 0)9 2648070






Ph.D. work

Title: Development of sustained-release multiple unit dosage forms via hot-stage extrusion

The challenge to overcome formulation problems related with dose dumping, drug side effects, low active agent bioavailability and the duration of the drug action in the body, are extremely important for chronic and polymedicated  patients, among others.

Scientists have been trying to use new processes and specific combinations of excipients to achive this goal. One good exemple of a well succeeded manufacturing technic is Hot-Melt Extrusion which is a process of converting a raw material into a product of uniform shape and density by forcing it through a die. Melt-Extrusion is conducted under controlled conditions like temperature and mixture viscosity, in order to enable the drug/excipient mixture to flow through the mentioned die. 

Beside the manufacturing process, the behaviour of the excipients is also important. The dispersion of the drug into excipients matrixes enhances de bioavailability improving the controled-release of the drug.

This Ph.D. project focuses on the latter, using hot-stage extrusion as manufacturing technique. In this project, combinations of hydrophylic and lipophylic polymers are processed via hot-stage extrusion to develop an innovative multiparticulate controlled-release formulation.

The project consists of :

(a) an in-vitro characterization of the multiparticulate formulations for the identification of those fundamental parameters affecting the behaviour of the matrix :

- formulation optimisation ;
- physical characteristion of the formulation (bulk, particulate and molecular level) ;
- drug dissolution ;
- thermal analysis ;
- stability ;
- etc ;

(b) and an in-vivo evaluation.