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Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
Harelbekestraat 72, 9000 Gent (Belgium)
Tel: +32 (0)9 264 80 39
E-mail: Katrien.Huyge@UGent.be

Ph.D. work

Title: Development of a dry powder aerosol as an alternative to spray vaccination in poultry


In poultry farming preventing the break out of contagious diseases amongst the fowls demands a constant strain to farm holders.  Therefore vaccination of the birds is indispensable to hinder exhibition of diseases such as Newcastle disease.

The currently used mass vaccination technics , like spray- and aerosol vaccination, appear to contain a very low efficiency.  One of the reasons for this is the attendance of water which is used for the reconstitution of these commercial vaccines before nebulizing the vaccine and hence administering it to the poultry.

The development of a dry powder vaccine for inhalation can introduce a solution regarding this issue.  If the efficiency of vaccination can be ameliorated, the dose of virus in the vaccine formulation could be diminished.  Whereas the production of a powder with a narrower particle size distribution could mean a great decrease in the risk for postvaccinal reactions by the chick.

This project consists of two major parts.  Firstly a technological section in which the stability of the virus in the formulation during production and storage is investigated, the production of the ideal particle size is optimized and the nebulizing technic of the vaccine finalized.  In in vivo experiments the most efficient particle size resulting in the highest infectivity of the virus vaccine will be determined.  Proceeding from these results the optimum dose of virus vaccine in the formulation shall be set.

As a final trial to this project the resultant dry powder vaccine will be tested in a poultry farm in order to obtain a realistic image on the performance of the developped vaccine and nebulizing technic.