dr. Jurgen Vercruysse

dr. Jurgen VercruysseJurgen Vercruysse

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
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9000 Gent (Belgium)
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Innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing of solid dosage forms via continuous wet granulation

The overall objective of this project is to bridge the gap between the existing technology for continuous wet granulation and its industrial implementation. Although technical know-how about continuous granulation systems is available at the manufacturer of these systems, up-to-now process knowledge (certainly towards specific pharmaceutical formulations) about this innovative manufacturing technique is limited within the pharmaceutical industry.

The objective of the project is to investigate the continuous granulation of pharmaceuticals by means of the ConsiGma-system (a continuous granulation system designed by GEA Pharma Systems) in order to (a) improve process knowledge and process understanding of this novel manufacturing tool for solid dosage forms and (b) simplify scale-up and transfers in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

To meet these objectives the parameters affecting the quality of the end product manufactured via continuous wet granulation using the ConsiGma-system are determined via a series of experiments which evaluate the different aspects of this granulation technique: influence of formulation and process parameters, use of continuous granulation for formulation development and process optimization, robustness of the continuous granulation process, in-line blending capacity of the granulation unit, processing of low-dosed formulations, continuous melt granulation, agglomeration mechanism, implementation of PAT tool during processing, impact of drying on granule quality.