International Surgical Outcomes Study

ISOS, acronym for International Surgical Outcomes Surgery, is a prospective observational multi–center international 7 day cohort study. Its aim is to confirm the incidence of 30-day in-hospital complications following elective inpatient surgery. The trials secondary objectives are to confirm the 30-day in-hospital mortality associated with these complications, to describe the relationship between critical care admission and postoperative complications and to describe the effect of post-operative complications on duration of hospital stay.

  • Chief Investigator: Prof. Dr. Rupert Pearse (Royal London Hospital)
  • Sponsor: Queen Mary University of London
  • National Coordinator: Prof. Dr. P. Wouters, Prof. Dr. S. De Hert
  • Investigators UZ Gent: Prof. Dr. L. De Baerdemaeker, Dr. M. Coppens
  • Timeline: 7-day week in recruitment period between April and June 2014 (Belgium: 12/05/2014 – 19/05/2014)