Dose finding study for effective reversal of a deep rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block with sugammadex in morbidly obese patients

Sugammadex (Bridion®) is a novel drug which selectively binds rocuronium (Esmeron®), used for muscle relaxation during surgery. It allows for reversing of neuromuscular transmission blocking activity, thus preventing residual curarization which is known to cause postoperative complications such as impairment of respiratory function
Until now, all studies with sugammadex were performed in non-obese patients. Obese patient have a high risk to suffer from post-operative respiratory failure. Therefore it is vital to avoid residual curarization. Sugammadex might be an important factor.
Obese patients have a large total body weight - different from ideal body weight. Recent research demonstrated that the dose for the neuromuscular blocking agent rocuronium (Esmeron®) needs to be calculated on the patients’ Ideal Body Weight rather than on Total Body Weight.
At this moment no data is available on the dose-response relationship of sugammadex in morbidly obese patients.
We hypothesize that in morbidly obese patients sugammadex should be dosed on ideal bodyweight, instead of total bodyweight.
Primary endpoint : time to complete recovery of muscle relaxation at the end of surgery
Secondary endpoint : Need/use of rescue medication at the end of surgery

  • Investigators UZ Gent : Prof. Dr. L. De Baerdemaeker, Dr. J. Van Limmen
  • Timeline : inclusion complete June 2012
  • Clinical identifier : NCT01911520