Masterproeven Manama 5de jaars, 2013-2014

Denys Wouter
Influence of variations in systemic blood flow and pressure on cerebral and systemic oxygen saturation in cardiopulmonary bypass patients.
Promotor Dr. Moerman, co-promotor Prof. De Hert

Hemeryck Maarten
Perioperative glucose management in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: effectiveness of the University of Ghent Insulin Protocol.
Promotor Dr. Bouchez, co-promotor Prof. De Hert

Huyghe Niels
Cardiac troponin T release patterns after off-pump coronary bypass surgery.
Promotor Prof. De Hert, co-promotor Dr. Moerman

Lapage Koen
Perioperative Hemodynamic Goal Directed Therapy. Where are we now? An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of a heterogenous literature
Promotor Dr. Wyffels, co-promotor Prof. Wouters

Vandenheuvel Michaël
A pathofysiological approach towards right ventricular function and failure.
Promotor Prof. Wouters, co-promotor Prof. De Hert

Verburgh Patrick
Is there still a place for synthetic colloids in critical care anno 2013?
Promotor Dr. Himpe, co-promotor Prof. De Hert

Witters Ine
Nitroglycerine increases venous return but reduces CVP: a preload paradox?
Promotor Prof. De Hert, co-promotor Dr. Bouchez

Van Wesemael Astrid
Applicability of near-infrared spectroscopy to assess cerebral blood flow autoregulation noninvasively.
Promotor Dr. Moerman, co-promotor Prof. De Hert