Masterproeven Manama, 2015-2016

Bauters Annemie : The effects of sevoflurane on the cardiac action potential in pigs.

Becaus Nathalie : Long term outcome after Lichtenstein hernia repair using general, locoregional, or local anaesthesia

Calle Brecht : Outcome in combined mitral and tricuspid repair. A single center series report and review of the literature

Coopman Davinia : Free-flow zuurstofaanbod bij volwassenen

Dehaene Seppe : Thrombin generation assay and platelet activation (PAC-t-UB) in HIPEC.

De Naeyer Nick : Fascia iliaca compartment blok als pijnstilling na heup arthroplastie

Embo Karen : Assessment of cerebral autoregulation patterns with near-infrared spectroscopy during pharmacological induced pressure changes

Fierens Jan : Cerebral desaturation and postoperative neurocognitive dysfunction in patients undergoing major shoulder surgery in beach chair position

Leenders Geertrui : Mortaliteit op intensieve zorgen bij octogenarians

Steenhaut Kevin : Comparison of three near-infrared spectroscopy technologies on measures of microvascular reactivity

Vandenbulcke Lien : Effects of induction of anesthesia on microcirculatory perfusion monitored by near-infrared spectroscopy

Verslype Pieters : The echographic visualisation of dynamic fogging confirms the correct placement of the nasogastric tube in the intensive care