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Supervisor: Prof. dr. Kris Gevaert

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Prof. dr. Petra Van Damme

Dr. Simon Stael (*)
Dr. Sebastian Tanco
Dr. Maarten Aerst
Dr. Esperanza Fernandez
Dr. Igor Fijalkowski

Sriram Balusu (*)
Daria Gawron
Ludger Goeminne (*)
Elvis Ndah (*)
Arun Kumar Tharkeshwar Raghunath (*)
Emmy Van Quickelberghe (*)
Jasmine Barra (*)
Lukas Braem (*)
Sara Saleh (*)
Giel Vandemoortele (*)
Lam Dai Vu (*)
Ursula Fels
Tijs Merckaert
Hannes Vanhaeren
Shanshuo Zhu (*)
Patrick Willems (*)
Marlies Peeters

Hans Demol
Delphine De Sutter
Véronique Jonckheere
Jarne Pauwels
Noortje Samyn
An Staes
Delphi Van Haver


(*) Part-time in the Gevaert lab.

Research Focus

Our group is part of the VIB Department of Medical Protein Research, and our research focuses on the development and applications of proprietary peptide-centric and mass spectrometry-driven proteomics techniques. These are known under the COFRADIC acronym COFRADIC, which stands for COmbined FRActional DIagonal Chromatography. Using COFRADIC, a wide variety of peptide classes can be chromatographically isolated, and, following after mass spectrometric analysis, each peptide class monitors one aspect of dynamic and complex proteomes.

The peptide classes that can be isolated by COFRADIC and the proteomic features that are studied, include, but are not limited to:

  • protein amino (N) terminal peptides: protease degradomics and protein N-alpha acetylation
  • protein carboxy (C) terminal peptides: processing by carboxypeptidases
  • methionyl peptides: differential proteomics and oxidative stress
  • cysteinyl peptides: oxidative stress
  • 3-nitrotyrosine-containing peptides: nitrosative stress

The repertoire of COFRADIC techniques is patented and used by the VIB and UGent spin-off company Pronota NV for their biomarker research.

Recent research focuses on the development of novel tools for protein-protein interaction studies and on the development of a generic platform for chemical proteomics, i.e., studying the interaction between small molecules and proteins. The latter is built in collaboration with the lab of Prof. dr. Koen Augustyns with whom our lab started up a IWT-SBO project in 2012.

Selected Publications

Ribet D, Hamon M, Gouin E, Nahori M, Impens F, Neyret-Kahn H, Gevaert K, Vandekerckhove J, Dejean A, Cossart P
Listeria monocytogenes impairs SUMOylation for efficient infection
NATURE, 464, 1192-5, 2010

Van Damme P, Staes A, Bronsoms S, Helsens K, Colaert N, Timmerman E, Aviles F, Vandekerckhove J, Gevaert K
Complementary positional proteomics for screening substrates of endo- and exoproteases
NATURE METHODS, 7, 512-5, 2010

Vögtle F, Wortelkamp S, Zahedi R, Becker D, Leidhold C, Gevaert K, Kellermann J, Voos W, Sickmann A, Pfanner N, Meisinger C
Global analysis of the mitochondrial N-proteome identifies a processing peptidase critical for protein stability
CELL, 139, 428-39, 2009

Arnesen T, Van Damme P, Polevoda B, Helsens K, Evjenth R, Colaert N, Varhaug J, Vandekerckhove J, Lillehaug J, Sherman F, Gevaert K
Proteomics analyses reveal the evolutionary conservation and divergence of N-terminal acetyltransferases from yeast and humans

Ghesquière B, Colaert N, Helsens K, Dejager L, Vanhaute C, Verleysen K, Kas K, Timmerman E, Goethals M, Libert C, Vandekerckhove J, Gevaert K
In vitro and in vivo protein-bound tyrosine nitration characterized by diagonal chromatography


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