Geannuleerd - Internationale lezing op initiatief van de afdeling Parodontologie en Orale Implantologie: Managing vertical atrophies using advanced GBR procedures

22-11-2022 van 13:30 tot 17:00
Het Pand - Onderbergen 1 - 9000 Gent
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Dr. Isabella Rocchietta

Lecture - Managing vertical atrophies using advanced GBR procedures

Dental implants have been successfully implemented as a routine therapeutic approach in partially and fully edentulous patients. Alveolar defects compromise the “prosthetically-driven” dental implant positioning, unless a detailed planning is performed prior to the surgical phase. Many techniques have been described to augment alveolar bone, including autogenous block grafts, titanium mesh, distraction osteogenesis, guided bone regeneration, etc. The use of Guided Bone Regeneration associated to non-autogenous scaffolds constitutes the standard of care of bone augmentation in all alveolar defects with or without implants, including the most severe vertical deficiencies. Choosing the correct therapeutic approach with the appropriate biomaterials is a fundamental player to achieve success in advanced GBR procedures.

Learning objectives:

* To understand the biological principle of GBR in its clinical applicability

* Learn tips and tricks on how to perform vertical GBR in severe defects

* Learn how to avoid and manage complications in GBR

 Dr. Isabella Rocchietta

Dr. Isabella Rocchietta

DOELGROEP: Algemeen tandarts en parodontologen

BIJDRAGE: 300 euro / leden Dent-Alumni UGent 250 euro


ACCREDITERING: 20 AE - DG 6 aangevraagd*

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