Faculty Research Policy 2018-2022

The Strategic Research Policy Plan FGE 2018-2022 is a guideline for the faculty research policy of the next five years for everyone at the Faculty who is committed to research.

The Research Policy Plan of Ghent University (2017-2022) is the wide, guiding framework. In addition, the Strategic Research Policy Plan aligns with the faculty mission and vision: ‘The Faculty, as the beating heart of Ghent University preserves, cares for and promotes Health and Wellness for individuals and society as a whole. The core values are together, honest and involved.' Within these mission and vision the Faculty and the Ghent University Hospital are close partners.

Strategic objectives

To strengthen our position in research and to realise maximal scientific and/or social impact, the Faculty aspires to achieve six strategic objectives:

 Strategic Goals Research

1. Quality and valorisation

In addition to pursuing a qualitative output and research processes (e.g. academic integrity and research data management) also the valorisation of research results should be aimed. Valorisation through high-quality translational and clinical research is an important core business of our Faculty which, in the context of the reintegration Ghent University - Ghent University Hospital, should be further strengthened.

2. Collaboration-oriented research environment

By an open culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within a dynamic and efficient research environment we aim to lift our research to a higher level. The Faculty will pursue this by clustering research infrastructure and technology by means of core research facilities, thematic clustering and facilitating networking.

3. Acquiring research funding

The Faculty aims to attract and acquire more research funding. Therefore the Faculty raises awareness/coaching for funding applications, stimulates collaborative funding applications, and pays extra attention to specific (underused) sources for research funding. Active faculty representation in project evaluation panels of funding agencies furthermore secures awareness of the conditions to increase the success of getting a project funded.

4. Care for the researcher

A qualitative research policy is closely intertwined with essential human resources efforts at our Faculty. This includes clear agreements between Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital (including the role of the physician-scientist) and an active policy to prevent excess workload and burn-out. However since 2010 our Faculty has a zero growth of staff resources despite a large understaffing. Such 0-growth essentially means a de facto reduction. Instead of linearly applying budget cuts at the level of the departments, the Faculty opts to pursue an integrated faculty human recource policy whereby job involvement at the level of education, research and services is fine-tuned according to the needs and possibilities.

5. Integration research and education

By rolling out a more integrated research and education policy the Faculty aims to form critical evidence based scientists. Therefore research education programmes are strengthened, research teaching encouraged and students motivated for a research career.

6. Communication and visibility

The Faculty aims to cluster the internal flow of information, to communicate better (internal and external) and to increase awareness of the Faculty by encouraging science communication and implementing a communication tool. That way, the Faculty pursuits openness, collaboration and a higher social impact.


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