Ghent Alliance for Tissue Engineering (GATE)

Scientific research into plastic surgery

The Ghent Alliance for Tissue Engineering (GATE) was founded in 2018 under the impulse of Prof. Dr Phillip Blondeel. GATE is a consortium of several faculties at UGent, including Medicine and Health Sciences, Chemistry and Engineering Sciences.


Tissue engineering is the science of growing tissue in a laboratory. There are different types of tissue: adipose tissue, cartilage, bone tissue and others. Worldwide, different structures have already been made in a laboratory through tissue engineering, such as an ear, a bladder, a blood vessel. Although this is still very experimental, our service is looking for ways to use these techniques in daily medicine.

For whom?

The aim is to collaborate more intensively and to create a platform for young scientists so that they can more easily come into contact with colleagues from other disciplines. We also want to show ourselves to the outside and business world as one front to solve their current problems.


In the future, we hope to evolve from the Ghent Alliance for Tissue Engineering into a Clinic for Tissue Engineering with valuable, innovative and validated applications in healthcare.