UITGESTELD - BSCDB Autumn Meeting 2020: Mechanobiology in Cell Biology and Developmental Biology

28-10-2021 09:00 tot 29-10-2021 17:00
Meeting Center "Het Pand" Ghent
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Mechanobiology is a rapidly growing field where biologists, biomedical engineers and physicists meet to study how cells sense and respond to forces that ultimately regulate development and physiology.

We have put together an exciting program of world-experts in mechanobiology for this two-day meeting, with a diverse group of speakers that cover the breadth from stem cells to organogenesis and using model systems that extend from plants to mammals and iPSCs.

Speakers will showcase the impact that mechanobiology is having on our understanding of the mechanical environment affects cells, both in normal development and in disease.

We want to promote community building with younger scientists and trainees and as such, this meeting specifically targets PhD students and post-docs and will focus on state-of-the-art technologies for probing mechanotransduction.