Determination of sex steroid status in relation to body composition and aging


J.M. Kaufman, G. T'Sjoen, J. Ruige, Y. Taes. S. Goemaere

Scientific collaborators
B. Lapauw, A. Mahmoud, G. Vanbillemont, V. Bogaert

The section of Endocrinology has a long track record of pioneering research in the area of physiopathology of sex steroids, with in particular research projects on the study of the determinants, the physiopathology and the consequences of altered sex steroid status in elderly men.
Specifically, genetic variations and variations in glycosilation pattern of LH and SHBG are investigated in relation to sex steroid concentrations, body composition and thyroid disorders. Studies are also pursued on the regulation of gonadotropin feedback regulation by sex steroids in young, elderly and obese men.


  • Depts. of Clinical Chemistry, Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences
  • Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Research VIB-Ghent University.
  • VU Amsterdam: W. De Ronde