Digestive Oncology Research Unit: Projects


The lab collects biospecimens in a biobank for biomedical research purposes, including:

    • genomic DNA
    • serum
    • biopsy and resection material of gastro-intestinal tissues

Fundamental Research

(epi)genetic biomarkers for the diagnosis and prediction of therapy-response and relapse in colorectal carcinoma

This multidisciplinary and multicenter research trial is a collaborative effort with the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FOD) and the "stichting tegen kanker".  The project comprises a clinical research study to identify biomarkers (miRNA, SNPs and copy-number variations) that may help to predict the response to therapy. The ultimate goal is to provide future personalized therapies for patients that suffer from colorectal cancers.

miRNA profiling in pancreas carcinoma

Specific and sensitive biomarkers increase the chances of survival and/or healing of patients because of a fast and more specific diagnosis and  thorough follow-up during therapy. Using stem-loop RT-qPCR we aim to profile miRNAs in pancreas adenocarcinoma.