Tailored care in frail older persons

Frail older persons are dependent in many aspects of daily life and also in expressing their concerns. In order to achieve better tailored care, it takes professional healthcare providers to actively get to know the patient in all his/her strengths and needs. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) appraises the broader needs of the older patient. Our research unit studies how CGA can help clinicians to make up treatment plans and decisions tailored to the individual patient. Moreover, we focus on assessment and management of pain and other discomfort and on spiritual concerns of frail older persons. 

Reflective practice and inter-professional collaboration are essential for healthcare providers to realise their professional role as a patient advocate. Healthcare providers need to connect with the patient as a person embedded in a social reality to fully appreciate what matters to them. They also need to communicate this information to the team to make up an integrated treatment plan. Our research unit studies the lived experiences of older persons and their carers, (educational) initiatives to improve patient-centred conversations, inter-professional collaboration and an ethical climate in geriatric care.