Clinical Haematology



Prof. dr. Fritz Offner 

Prof. dr. Tessa Kerre 

dr. Anna Vantilborgh

Dr. Dominiek Mazure

Dr. Ine Moors

Dr. Philip Vlummens

Dr. Ciel De Vriendt


PhD Students:

Sarah Bonte

Philip Vlummens



Sofie Lust

Charlotte Dekeyzer

Jonas Segaert

Astrid Van Bastelaere

Nathalie Luickx

Saskia Baert

Research Projects

Research project 1:

Advanced drug development trials for patients with myeloproliferative and myelodysplastic disorders
In phase I/II clinical trials the focus is on the application of new molecules such as hypomethylating agents (Azacitidine/Decitabine), HDAC-inhibitors (Belinostat, Vorinostat, Panobinostat), MEK-inhibitors, and newer chemotherapeutic agents (Laromustine, Clofarabine). Most of the trials are strategic, in national and/or multinational cooperative setting including: Eortc, Hovon, BHS, and others. Included is the topic of the prevalence of  non-adherence to oral therapies in Haematology, an underestimated major clinical problem. This is being studied further, with emphasis on the development of methods and devices to enhance adherence.

Research project 2:

Chemotherapy induced neurocognitive disorders in acute leukaemia and stem cell transplant recipients.
This trial is supported by a grant from the Oncology Care Centre. It includes non-invasive functional MRI scans, in collaboration with the Department of Radiology (Prof. Dr. R. Achten).

Research project 3:

The investigation of MRI/bone marrow signature in multiple myeloma patients at diagnosis, during disease evolution, under treatment and at follow-up. This project runs in collaboration with the Department of Radiology (Prof. Dr. K. Verstraete).

Research project 4:

Clinical drug development and therapeutic modality trials in patients with lymphoproliferative disorders.

- Drug development trials Phase 1-3 in follicular and indolent NHL, B-CLL, mantle cell and diffuse large cell NHL with new anti-CD20 antibodies (GA101, ofatumomab), chemotherapy combinations (bendamustine, bortezomib), immunotoxins (CMC544), other Ab (antiCD40, CD19, CD23)

- Strategic trials in multicenter academic setting in B-DLCL (GELA), and T-NHL (belinostat, A-CHOP)

Myeloma trials in multicenter academic in Intergroupe Francophone du myelome (MM020, elderly) and drug development (Vorinostat plus bortezomib).

Research project 5:

Collaboration with department Intensive Care on patients with haematological malignancies requiring advanced life support (Prof D Benoit.

Research project 6:

In vitro study of cell death induction by interference with signal transduction and unfolded protein response in B cell lymphoid malignancies. Prof  F Offner, PhD students J Boelens, S Lust, H Van Melckebeke (FWO-aspirant) in cooperation with Dept Experimental Cancerology (Prof Bracke, dr Van Hoecke)

Research project 7:

Fundamental and pre-clinical  research focusing on the development of the tumor antigen specific T-cell therapies for the treatment of hematological malignancies (Dr. Tessa Kerre (with FWO support), in close cooperation with the Divisions of Immunology (Prof. Bart Vandekerckhove).

Research project 8:

Clinical phase I and II trials in the context of stem cell transplantation: reduced intensity conditioning, haplo-identical stem cell transplantation, cord blood stem cell transplantation, mesenchymal stem cell infusion for the prevention and treatment of graft-versus-host-disease and graft failure, within the Belgian Haematological Society and EBMT (Prof. Tessa Kerre ).

Research project 9:

Academic phase I and II trials in CMV-specific T cell therapy in patients with CMV reactivation/infection after stem cell transplantation

Research project 10:

Fundamental and clinical research in genetics of primary immunodeficiencies (Centre for Primary Immunodeficiencies, UZ Gent)  


Publication list

Complete publication list Prof. Offner

Complete publication list Prof. Kerre

Research infrastructure

  • Dedicated clinical trial office with 6 fulltime datamanagers
  • Cooperation with the Department of Radiology (bone marrow signature MRI scan, functional brain MRI scan), with the Department of Clinical Biology and Molecular Biology, with the Department of Immunology (in vitro and in vivo models for the study of human T cell development from haematopoeitic and embryonic stem cells, in vivo acute leukemia model using immunodeficient mice)   


    • Department of Radiology: (UGent) Prof. dr. K. Verstraete, Prof. dr. R. Achten
    • Department of Psychiatry: (UGent) Prof. dr. K. Audenaert, Psycholoog: Stijn Verleden
    • Department of Immunology and Clinical Biology: (UGent) Prof. dr. J. Plum, Prof. dr. B. Vandekerckhove, dr. F. Timmermans, M. De Smedt, G. Leclercq, T. Taghon.
    • Hovon
    • Eortc
    • BHS
    • IFM
    • Gela