Intensive Care Outcomes Research: Projects

Research Team and Infrastructure

  • Clinical Trials Unit (3 study nurses) with 24/7 coverage for patient inclusion and follow-up 
  • Intensive Care Information System: a dedicated patient data management system in which on average 16,000 patient data are collected and stored per patient per day

Research topics

Critical Care Nephrology and Extracorporeal Therapies in the ICU

Under management of E. Hoste, in collaboration with E Meyer (dept. of Veterinary Medicine, UGent), F De Somer (Dept of Cardiac Surgery) and J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA)


Big data and advanced data analytics

including longitudinal statistics, causality statistics and machine learning

Under management of D.Benoit, J.Decruyenaere and K.Colpaert in collaboration with S.Vansteelandt (…..) and F.De Turck and E.Mannens (INTEC; engineering dpt & IMEC)


Optimizing antibiotic use for severe infections

Under the management of J. De Waele in collaboration with A. Verstraete, V. Stove and M Carlier (Department of Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and Immunology), J. Roberts and J. Lipman (University of Queensland, Australia), J. Starkopf and J. Karjagin (Tartu University, Estonia), and P. Elbers (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


Infectious Diseases in Critical Care Medicine

Under management of P. Depuydt, in collaboration with G. Claeys and J. Boelens (Dept of Microbiology)


Health economics in the ICU

Under management of J. Decruyenaere, in collaboration with L. Annemans (Dept of Public Health, UGent)


Research topic 6: Prognosis of hemato-oncological patients in the ICU

Under management of D. Benoit, in collaboration with F. Offner (Dept. of Hematology, Ghent), the Groupe de Recherche Réanimation Respiratoire en Hemato-Oncologie (GRRROH) and the Nine-I (E. Azoulay, Paris, France),


Inappropriateness of care in and outside the ICU: impact for the patients, relatives, clinicians and the society

Under management of D. Benoit, in collaboration with R. Piers (Dept of Geriatry UZ Gent), S. Van Heule (Dept of Psychology, UGent) E. Kompanje (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and E. Azoulay (Paris, France)

The critical abdomen (intra-abdominal hypertension, severe abdominal infections and acute pancreatitis)

Under management of J. De Waele, in collaboration with M. Malbrain (Stuyvenberg Hospital, ZNA, Antwerp)