Biomarker Research Unit: Projects

Clinical Research

The role of urinary and plasmatic biomarkers in diagnosis and prognostication of acute and chronic renal injury

The role of new serum and urinary biomarkers in early diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury in critically ill patient

The research on Acute Kidney Injury mainly focuses on the role of new urinary and serum biomarkers for diagnosis of AKI by comparing them with the currently used parameters such as serum creatinine and urinary output.

The usefulness of currently promoted biomarkers such as NGAL, IL-18 and KIM-1 remains uncertain, especially when applied in a heterogeneous population and/or unknown timing of the renal event. Our group wants to further elucidate the role of these biomarkers in the clinical management of patients.

A protein biomarker panel to screen for early chronic kidney disease using UPLC online SPE-MS/MS