Nephrology Laboratory: PhD dissertations

  • Nathalie Neirynck (2015): Micro-inflammation and cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease: role of the uremic peptides (Promotor: Prof.em.dr.Raymond Vanholder, copromotor: Prof. dr. Griet Glorieux) link

  • Jente Boelaert (2014): Development of metabolic analytical platforms for the characterization of uremic retention compounds (Promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder, copromotor: Prof. Patrick Sandra) link
  • Anneleen Pletinck (2012): The peritoneal membrane as a window for microvascular pathophysiology in chronic kidney disease (Promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder, copromotor: Prof. Wim Van Biesen) link
  • Natalie Meert (2011): Optimisation of removal of uraemic retention solutes by haemodialysis strategies (Promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder, co-promotor: Prof. Norbert Lameire) link
  • Eva Schepers (2009): In vitro research for the patho-physiological mechanisms of uremic retention solutes on leukocytes in relation to chronic inflammation and accelerated atherosclerosis in chronic kidney disease (Promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder) link
  • Vera Jankowski (2005): Isolation, identification and characterization of vasoactive substances from endothelial cells, platelets and mononuclear cells
  • Gerrit Lesaffer (2004): Kinetics of the uremic retention solute p-cresol and its implication on hemodialytic removal
  • Griet Glorieux (2001): Effect of uremic retention solutes and dialysis-related factors on immune dysfunction and resistance in chronic renal failure