Glycation and Carbamoylation Research Unit: Collaborations

UGent collaborations

      • Department of Clinical Chemistry (UZ Gent): Prof. J. Delanghe
      • Department of Endocrinology (UZ Gent): Prof. J. Ruige
      • Department of Pediatrics (UZ Gent): Prof. J. Vande Walle

      External Collaborations

      • ERA-EDTA IWG project: this is a European multicentric study, 13 centers from 9 countries will participate
      • Department of Internal Medicine (Catholic University of Bukavu - Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo): Prof. P. Katchunga
      • Institute for Clinical Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry, German Diabetes Center (Duesseldorf, Germany): Prof. M. Ouwens