Qualitative Research Unit: Projects

Clinical Research


SONG Initiative 

The Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) initiative aims to establish a set of core outcomes and outcome measures across the spectrum of kidney disease for trials and other forms of research. The outcomes will be developed based on the shared priorities of patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and relevant stakeholders. This will help to ensure that research is reporting outcomes that are meaningful and relevant to patients with kidney disease, their family, and their clinicians; to support decisions about treatment.


The Integrated Research initiative

Patients with end stage kidney disease have a considerable chance to move from one treatment modality to another at different time points of their disease. Research investigating the impact of the transition on the patient and health care worker is limited.  This qualitative research project aims to explore and analyse the perspectives and experiences of patients and health care workers and intends to create insight in the underlying mechanisms that drive the emotions, perceptions and behaviour regarding this transition.


Exploring physiotherapeutic applications to improve standard medical health care of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients

This research evaluates the physical exercise capacity and muscle strength in ESRD patients. Correlations between the physical functioning, blood profile and the quality of life in the dialysis-population are investigated.