Hemodialysis (HD) Unit: PhD dissertations

  • Wim Terryn (2013): Screening for Fabry disease: indications, methods and implications (promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder, co-promotor: Prof. Bruce Poppe) link
  • Steven Van Laecke (2012): Magnesium: an underappreciated element in chronic kidney disease and transplantation (promotor: Prof. Raymond Vanholder, co-promotor: Prof. Wim Van Biesen) link
  • Sunny Eloot (2004): Experimental and numerical modeling of dialysis link
  • An De Vriese (2001): Microvascular dysfunction in diabetes – Implications for the nephrologist
  • Wim Van Biesen (2000): The role of peritoneal dialysis in a model of integrated care of ESRD-patients
  • Annemieke Dhondt (1998): Renal failure and host defense : phagocytic activity and expression of surface molecules
  • Raymond Vanholder (1984): Studies van de pathophysiologie van acute nierinsufficiëntie door kwikchloride