About our department

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences belongs to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Ghent University .

In 2008 the research groups of Anatomy and Embryology, Biomaterials, Physiology, Radiation and DNA repair and Tissue engineering joined themselves to form the department of Basic Medical Sciences. The common objective is to intensify the collaborations concerning education, research and services in several basic sciences disciplines. In October 2014 the new research group Medical Stem Cell Biology was established.

The department provides education in basic sciences in the programs of the Audiology and Logopedy, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Physical Education and Movement Sciences, Dentistry, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy as well as in a few postgraduate studies and permanent training programs. For the practical courses the dissection room, virtual microscopy and a multifunctional modular platform is used.

The research of the department is situated on the one hand in the field of celbiology and on the other hand in the preclinical field, which supports the research of the clinical departments.

The services in the medical world are diverse: from the CETRAS training facility, over molecular and conformal microscopy until radiobiology.

About 70 collaborators realize the threefold task described above.

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