Research groups

Research of the Department Basic Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences aims the application of basic sciences in translational medicine at the preclinical level.

On one side, the department conducts fundamental research in mechanisms of intercellular Ca2+ communication, embryological development, mineralization and DNA repair involved in radiation response. On the other side, the research in the department covers fields more closely related to the medical applications as tissue engineering and biomaterials, biomechanics using anatomical modeling, genomics in radiotherapy and the physical aspects and biological effects of radiation exposure in medical imaging. The diversity of research topics, with associated specific techniques of the different research groups, creates unique opportunities to perform collaborative and interdisciplinary research. The research groups of the department are defined as the Anatomy and Embryology, Physiology, Tissue Engineering and BiomaterialsMedical stem cell biology, Medical Physics and Radiobiology.

Each research group maintains different collaborations at national and international levels and participates in scientific networks. A total number of 60 collaborators are involved in this research. Research funding is obtained from the National Fund Scientific Research, Cancer Research Fund, University’s Special Research Fund and the EU FP7 programme. Scientific output consists of about 40-50 papers in peer reviewed journals each year, while approximately 5 students finish their PhD thesis in each academic year.

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