Infrastructure and techniques - Anatomy and Embryology


  • Software package Mimics 16.0, main and floating licenses
  • OptiTrack Motion Tracking system
  • Access to medical imaging facilities for cadaver bodies and material (RX, CT, MRI, µCT, µMRI)
  • Dissection facility with conventionally embalmed, Thiel embalmed and fresh frozen cadavers
  • Specimen preparation: infrastructure to prepare tissues, cell cultures and microorganisms for ultrastructural analysis with transmission electron microscopy, vibratome, ultramicrotome


  • Cell culture facility (L2 since 2018): laminar flows, incubators…
  • Light and fluorescent microscopy: immunohistochemistry
  • Cloning, bacterial transformation and transfection
  • PCR and DNA gel electrophoresis
  • Western blot equipment including SYNGENE G:BOX Chemi XRQ gel doc system
  • Multimode microplate reader: TECAN Spark20M. It is equipped with a Gas Control Module, which allows automated control of CO2 and O2 partial pressure inside the reader and a Te-Cool system (active temperature regulation 18-42 °C).
    Detection modes: absorbance (UV/Vis Spectrometer); alpha technology, fluorescence Intensity (top & bottom), fluorescence polarization, time resolved fluorescence intensity, luminescence (glow, flash, multicolor), automated live cell imaging – cell counting and confluence
    Applications: ELISA, low volume DNA/RNA quantification, nucleic acid labeling efficiency, protein quantification, reporter gene assays, HTRF, transcreener, DLR, BRET-including NanoBRET, cell counting and cell death modalities (apoptosis, necroptosis and ferroptosis), confluence assessments, cell migration and wound healing.