Research projects - Medical Physics

Patient dosimetry and image quality in X-ray diagnosis

• Patient dose in C-arm cone beam computed tomography in interventional radiology and cardiology
• Impact of introduction of digital mammography on the performance of the Flemish breast cancer screening programme
• Individualized patient dosimetry and automated image quality analysis as tools for dose reduction in CT imaging
• Evaluation of patient dose and image quality in chest imaging with a human cadaver study
• Evaluation of dose reduction tools in contemporary CT imaging
• Evaluation and optimization of radiation exposure in hybrid imaging modalities in nuclear medicine
• Automated online staff dose registration in interventional cardiology
• Interventional cardiology procedures using a new generation flat-panel system: analysis of patient dose and image quality
• Image quality optimization in dental radiology

Biological effects of occupational, medical and accidental exposure to ionising radiation

EPI-CT: Epidemiological study to quantify risks for paediatric computerized tomography
• Direct assessment of low dose effects in children undergoing a computed tomography examination
• Mechanisms behind low dose effects in pediatric populations undergoing x-ray examinations