About Radiobiology

The research performed at the Radiobiology research unit is related to the biological effects of occupational, medical and accidental exposure to ionising radiation, the genetic basis of clinical radiosensitivity and the link between DNA misrepair and genetic syndromes.

The research group has a twenty year experience in the application of cytogenetics for biological dosimetry in occupational, medical and accidental settings and is member of several international networks. Automated scoring of micronuclei on a Metasystems computerised image analysis platform was optimized and is operational. The expertise of the group in the field of radiation biology covers a broad range of technologies used in contemporary radiation genetic research such as mutagenic assays (micronucleus assay, dicentrics, FISH analysis), molecular microscopy of DNA damage (γ-H2AX foci) and RNA silencing.

Cellular assays as the G2-micronucleus assay, apoptosis and γ-H2AX foci scoring after in vitro irradiation are applied as biomarker for radiosensitivity and to study DNA misrepair in genetic syndromes.