Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials


About the research group

The research field of the Tissue Engineering Group covers cell/biomaterial interactions (including cytotoxicity and biocompatibility testing) and creation of cellular and cell/biomaterial constructs for regenerative and tissue engineering purposes.


    Related topics

    The 6th Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering themed ‘Next Generation Tissue Engineering’ is held on November 21-23 2018 in Gent. It is locally organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences.
    The symposium will also include the kick-off of the UGent Tissue Engineering Platform and the VZW Belgian Society for Tissue Engineering.
    Visit the Bioprint Core Facility at Campus UZ on Wednesday 21th November 2018! For this visit, registration is free but required.

    Program at a glance

    • Virtual microscopy, scanning of cytological and histological slides (page in Dutch)
    • Cell Culture in the context of cytotoxicity and cell biomaterial interactions (page in Dutch)
    • Morphological Research:light microscopy, electron microscopy, immunological staining (page in Dutch)
    • Biomaterials analyses the mineralization, de-and re-mineralization of hard tissues and studies the development and evaluation of the mechanical, physical, chemical and chemo-mechanical properties of restorative biomaterials