The department provides services to internal and external groups. Through the links below you can find more information on the following topics:


Automatical image analysis

Image analysis by means of the system Metafer


Biological dosimetry (page in Dutch)

Detailed monitoring of damage in case of exceptional or accidental exposure to ionizing radiation



Analyses the mineralization, de-and re-mineralization of hard tissues and studies the development and evaluation of the mechanical, physical, chemical and chemo-mechanical properties of restorative biomaterials


CETRAS - Center for Research and Training in Anatomical Sciences

CETRAS organizes workshops for medical doctors and staff and provides infrastructure and possibly teachers for training in surgical disciplines


Body donation (page in Dutch)

Donating of the whole body after death for medical research and education


QCC-Gent (page in Dutch)

Centre for Medical Physics in radiology and nuclear medicine


Virtual microscopy (page in Dutch)

Scanning of cytological and histological slides