Infrastructure and techniques - Biomaterials

The instrumentation and techniques of the laboratory are focused on the synthesis, chemical analysis and study of the structural as well as physicochemical properties of ceramic biomaterials and comprises:

  • High temperature furnaces (1700°C) for the synthesis of calcium phosphates, silicates and bioactive glass
  • Powder processing and characterization (milling, sieving, specific surface, powder density).
  • Chemical and structural analysis (potentiometry, X-ray diffractometry, FTIR spectrometry, Raman microspectrometry, flame and furnace atomic absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography)
  • Microradiography
  • Mechanical testing of materials (universal testing machines for low and high loads, Vickers and Knoop microhardness tester, penetrometer)
  • Surface characterization (contact-less laser surface profilometry, digital image microanalysis)
  • Anaerobic culture chamber