The dissection facility is housed in the basement floor of a new building located at the University Hospital Campus between the P8 building (dentistry department) and building B.

The dissection room and related technical rooms cover a total surface of 1200 square meter. The dissection room covers circa 400 square meter with a capacity of 30 dissection tables and a movable wall in order to divide the space in two smaller units for simultaneous use of different groups and purposes.

The location of the new facility permits a direct access to the hospital, necessary to make use of advanced medical imaging equipment. A total storage capacity for 100 donated bodies is available, whereby both Thiel enbalmed and fresh frozen bodies will be offered.

Within the building a small and large meeting room with audivisual equipment can be used. Besides the main dissection room, two rooms of 20 square meter and 60 square meter are designed for smaller workshops permitting 1 to maximal 3 setups.

In the global design of the facility priority is given to achieve up to date ergonomy, safety for both staff and user , and optimal ventilation. Ghent University has invested 2.5mi € in this joint project with the University Hospital investing 4 mi € in the same building to house the department of pathology at the ground floor and first floor of the building.