PhD dag Medische Basiswetenschappen Januari 2015 - 8th meeting


Program  January 2015

On Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 five doctoral students (see the other boxes) of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences presented their research at the biannual scientific meeting of the department. The next meeting will be held in the 2nd half of 2015. All abstracts

Program PhD day January 2015
Program PhD day January 2015

Liesbeth Van Hauwermeiren

Anatomy group

Relationship between morphological variation, posture & biomechanics of the human pelvis

Tamara De Caluwé

Biomaterials Group

Optimization of the properties of glass ionomer cements, based on bioactive glasses, for the restoration of hard tissues


Lore Timmermans

Radiation and DNA repair Group

Performance Characteristics versus breast density in the Flemish Breast Cancer Screening Programme

Annelies Roosens

Tissue Engineering group

Development of a bioactive scaffold for heart valve tissue engineering

Mattias Van Heetvelde

Radiation and DNA repair group

Molecular Genetics in Hereditary Breast Cancer: Second hits and Alternative Splicing

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