Concurrent presentations

The following (post)doctoral researchers of the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine present their research as oral presentations (max. 10 minutes including question round) organized as concurrent sessions in different domains.

Basic Sciences - part 1

Seminar room 1 - Moderators: prof. Elfride De Baere and prof. Koen Raemdonck

11:00 Guan Aiyan The effect of gas atmosphere and temperature on movements of Anisakidae
11:10 Rani Burm Protection of humanized mice from HBV/HDV co-infection using  a novel PreS1 vaccination strategy
11:20 Marjolein Carron Functional characterization of a Xenopus tropicalis knockout and a human cellular model of RCBTB1- associated inherited retinal disease shows involvement of RCBTB1 in the cellular response to oxidative stress
11:30 Lisa Depestel The chromatin modifier phf6 acts as adaptor in gene-gating in neuroblastoma
11:40 Joke Deprez Roadmapping the fate of liposomes with distinct physicochemical properties: passive targeting of immune cells in healthy and inflammatory conditions.
11:50 Giulia Doglio Maria Linear Ubiquitin Regulation of Inflammasome Activity
12:00 Leen Hermans The effects of beta-1,3-1,6 glucans on porcine NK cell activity.
12:10 Sarah Raevens - 1st Laureate PhD Thesis Prize FGE (ex aequo) Advances in the approach to pulmonary vascular complications of liver disease

Basic Sciences - part 2

Seminar room 2 - Moderators: prof. Guy Joos and prof. Tom Coenye

11:00 Jeffrey Aalders In vitro characterization of stem cell derived cardiomyocytes from Marfan syndrome
11:10 Hanna Tay Macrophage depletion reduces angiogenesis in the ex ovo chicken chorioallantoic membrane model
11:20 Fabien Thery Identification of RNF213 as ISG15 intracellular receptor with antimicrobial activity
11:30 Jolien Van Cleemput - Laureate PhD Thesis Prize FDI non-clinical The horse’s respiratory mucosa, airborne pathogens and respirable hazards: the archetypical trifecta of co-evolution
11:40 Stijn Van de Sompele Whole genome sequencing and 4C techniques provide novel insights into the genetic architecture and interaction network of North Carolina macular dystrophy genes.
11:50 Simon Van Herck - Laureate PhD Thesis Prize FFW Interactive Polymers for Innate Immune Activation
12:00 Niels Vander Elst Characterization of PlySs2 and PlySs9 as streptolytic versus staphylolytic bacteriophage-derived endolysins with activity against bovine mastitis strains Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus uberis
12:10 Nick Vereecke Revolutionary diagnostics of viral disease complexes and rapid AMR profiling in veterinary medicine using nanopore sequencing

Clinical Sciences

Seminar room 4 - Moderators: prof. Linos Vandekerckhove and prof. Herman Favoreel

11:00 Cassandra Alighieri Effectiveness of speech intervention in patients with a cleft (lip and) palate: a randomized sham-controlled trial comparing a motor-phonetic versus a linguistic-phonological intervention
11:10 Thiberiu Banica Higher fracture prevalence and smaller bone size in patients with hEDS/HSD - a prospective cohort study.
11:20 Elien De Cock The prospective evaluation of dysphagia, dysarthria and aphasia following a first acute ischemic stroke in a tertiary hospital
11:30 Joke Rijckaert - Laureate PhD Thesis Prize FDI Clinical Magnetic motor evoked potentials : a diagnostic test for spinal cord dysfunction in large animals
11:40 Frederique Van de Velde Metabolisation of testosterone during weight loss in men with obesity
11:50 Anna Vanoverschelde Effectiveness of mobile application to improve inhaler technique in patients with obstructive lung disease: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
12:00 Lisse Vera Age-related differences in blood pressure, ultrasound derived arterial diameters and arterial wall stiffness parameters in horses
12:10 Greet Wieme Detection of genome-wide copy number alterations in tumor tissue and cell-free DNA of pancreatic cancer patients

Therapeutical/Diagnostic sciences

Auditorium 1 - Moderators: prof. Piet Cools and prof. Hans Nauwynck

11:00 Vidal Arnau Elucidation of the mycotoxin human toxicokinetics
11:10 Ellen De Paepe Multi-biofluid Metabolomics as a Tool to Discover Metabolite Biomarkers for Cow's Milk Allergy
11:20 Evelien Mercken High occurrence of Anisakidae in commercial fish for the Belgian market
11:30 Sara Roose Detection and recombinant production of promising candidate antigens for serodiagnosis of Ascaris infections in humans.
11:40 Nora Sundahl - 1st Laureate PhD Thesis Prize FGE (ex aequo) Boosting anticancer immunity with radiotherapy
11:50 Robin Temmerman Paving the way for Group Medication Modeling in Veterinary Medicine: Enrofloxacin Dose Optimization for Treatment of Colibacillosis in Broiler Chickens via the Non-Linear Mixed Effect Approach
12:00 Glenn Van Steenkiste Reliable detection of atrial fibrillation in horses with the aid of deep learning
12:10 Jana Verstraete The simultaneous quantification of thiamine, its phosphate derivatives and precursors in Arabidopsis thaliana: validation and application.

Health Sciences

Auditorium 2 - Moderators: prof. Wim Derave and prof. Lies Lahousse

11:00 Galle Anna Parenting in Mozambique: women as caretakers and men as decision makers?
11:10 Gutema Fanta Occurrence, genetic relatedness and antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli O157 in cattle, beef, and humans in Ethiopia
11:20 Scheire Sophie Control of persistent rhinitis in real life: a community pharmacy study
11:30 Sinatti Céline Long-term sexual outcomes in patients with exstrophy-epispadias complex.
11:40 Van Den Brulle Igor Associations between Udder Health and Management on Robotic Dairy Farms
11:50 Vanbutsele Gaëlle - 3rd Laureate PhD  Thesis Prize FGE Early integration of palliative care in oncology
12:00 Vlaminck Johnny The evaluation of drug efficacy against soil-transmitted helminths in four Asian countries reveals a reduced efficacy of mebendazole to hookworms.
12:10 Zeng Hang Presence of Salmonella in poultry slaughterhouses and cutting plants