Concurrent sessions

The following doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers of the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences present their research as oral presentations (max. 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes questions round) organized as concurrent sessions in different domains.

Basic sciences

Seminar room 1

Moderators: professor Kris Gevaert and professor Tom Coenye


12:00 Aurélie Crabbé  Bridging the gap between bench and bedside by using three-dimensional lung epithelial models for infectious disease research
12:15 Matthias De Decker  The function of HES4 and HES1 during human hematopoietic lineage decision
12:30 Julie Deckers - 3rd Laureate PhD Prize FGE The skin as a central player in house dust mite allergy
12:45 Delphine Hoorelbeke  The spreading of radiation-induced bystander effects and the responsible messengers in microvascular brain endothelial cells
13:00 Pieterjan Merckx  Surfactant protein B (SP-B) enhances the cellular siRNA delivery of proteolipid coated nanogels for inhalation therapy
13:15 Jonas Van Dingenen Prevention of postoperative ileus with H2S
13:30 Matthias Van Gils Generation and validation of the first complete knockout model of abcc6a in zebrafish
13:45 Kristof Van Schil Leveraging consanguinity in inherited retinal diseases uncovers missing genetic variation: rare novel disease genes and a multitude of novel pathogenic variants in known disease genes

Clinical sciences

Seminar room 2

Moderators: professor Guy Joos and professor Lies Lahousse


12:00 Marie Coussens  Pilot study: mitochondrial function in the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
12:15 Tessa Gryp  Quantification of uremic toxin-generating bacterial species in fecal samples of dialysis patients by qPCR and the link with uremic toxins
12:30 Laura Muiño Mosquera  Myocardial disease and arrhythmia in patients with marfan syndrome
12:45 Sarah Bonte In vitro generation of tumor antigen-specific T cells from clinically relevant stem cell sources
13:00 Birgit Van Eetvelde  The Influence of diabetic neuropathy on respiratory muscle strength in type 2 diabetes mellitus
13:15 Anneleen Pletinck  Endothelial glycocalyx damage in CKD: role of the uremic toxin indoxyl sulfate
13:30 Frederique Van de Velde  Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis associates with lower free testosterone levels in obese men undergoing bariatric surgery
13:45 Sofie Peirs- 1st Laureate PhD Prize FGE Novel molecular insights and targeted therapies in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Health sciences

Seminar room 3

Moderators: professor Kristiane Van Lierde and professor Koen Boussery


12:00 Kayleigh De Meulemeester  Morphological differences in the upper trapezius muscle between female office workers with work-related myofascial neck pain and healthy controls: a muscle biopsy study
12:15 Justine Defreyne  A European network for the investigation of gender incongruence: The ENIGI initiative (Psychoendocrinological analyses)
12:30 Jasmien Dumortier  Objective sleep characteristics of young elite female gymnasts
12:45 Katrien Foubert  Implementation of pharmacist’s recommendations on inappropriate prescribing in nursing home residents with polypharmacy detected with the GheOP3S-tool
13:00 Iris Meerschman Massed versus spaced practice in vocology: effect of a short-term intensive voice therapy versus a long-term traditional voice therapy
13:15 Nathalie Michels  Psychosocial stress and inflammation driving tryptophan breakdown in children and adolescents: a cross-sectional analysis of two cohorts
13:30 Karsten Vanden Wyngaert  Functional impairment and risk of falling in the hemodialysis unit
13:45 Amber Werbrouck  Different prevention strategies of type 2 diabetes in women with prior gestational diabetes: a healtheconomic evaluation


Therapeutical/Diagnostic sciences

Seminar room 4

Moderators: professor Linos Vandekerckhove and professor Kevin Braeckmans


12:00 Lars Ambach  Activity-based detection and bioanalytical confirmation of a fatal carfentanil intoxication
12:15 Victor Kamoen  Prediction of outcome in primary mitral regurgitation based on the novel Average Pixel Intensity method
12:30 Nora Sundahl  Phase 1 trial of pembrolizumab with SBRT in metastatic urothelial carcinoma
12:45 Thijs Van de Vyver  Repurposing low molecular weight drugs as adjuvants to induce lysosomal siRNA escape in nanogel transfected cells
13:00 Katleen Van Uytfanghe  Standardization of Free Thyroxine Measurements
13:15 Rein Verbeke  Messenger RNA-based nanoparticles for cancer immunotherapy
13:30 Xavier Verhelst - 2nd Laureate PhD Prize FGE The potential of glycomics as prognostic biomarkers in liver disease and liver transplantation
13:45 Ranhua Xiong - 1st Laureate PhD Prize FFW Intracellular delivery of biopharmaceuticals and contrast agents by VNB photoporation and sizing nanomaterials in bio-fluids by FRAP