Concurrent workshops

The following interactive workshops take place at the same time from 13:15 until 14:15.

Pitch your research

Auditorium 1

How to explain your research in just a few minutes? And how to make your message stick?

In this workshop you will learn how to keep your audience’s attention to achieve the results you want. You will receive useful tips and tricks that will help you score with the public, including how to make your story clear, how to structure it and how to find the wow factor in your research.

Guest speaker: Hans Van de Water (presentation trainer and expert in science communication, The Floor is Yours)

How to communicate your research to the media

Auditorium 2 

You want your research in the media. But you don't want journalists to make it more sensational than it really is. And how do you get into contact with the media anyway?

During this workshop we will look at, amongst others, the following topics:

  • How to bring your research so that everyone understands.
  • What does(n't) make your story news?
  • What's the big difference between a researcher and a journalist? And how to use this to make things easier for you.
  • Your allies inside and outside the organisation.
  • How to write a convincing press release of article.

Guest speaker: Toon Verlinden (presentation trainer and expert in science communication, The Floor is Yours)

Industrial Research Fund (IOF) & TechTransfer Roadshow - Accelerate your research with funding & advice

Seminar room 1

This Industrial Research Fund (IOF) & TechTransfer Roadshow want to encourage researchers to take a step further with their research. Are you looking for funding to test and develop your innovative idea, need advice on protecting your academic research or do you want to be inspired primarily by projects and spin-offs that have been started up by predecessors from your faculty? Then don't miss this event.

The IOF manages the funds for valorisation-oriented research at Ghent University and the associated colleges. The fund is subsidized by the Flemish government. UGent TechTransfer manages the intellectual property of the university, drives the use of the IP through the creation of spin-offs and licensing, and supports the research community of Ghent University in creating research collaborations with industry.

Guest speaker: Geraldine Taveirne, Leen Verlinden & Cindy Martens (research valorisation advisers, TechTransfer Ghent University)

Getting the best from our databases

Seminar room 2 - Bring your own laptop or tablet to get started right away.

This workshop will provide search strategies to help you make better use of databases in life sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and veterinary sciences i.e. Embase, PubMed, The Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Learn about these databases and discover which databases are relevant for your research questions and goals
  • Learn how to identify the main ideas or keywords of your research question
  • Learn how to find alternative terms or synonyms
  • Learn effective database search techniques such as nesting, truncation and proximity operators and  phrase searching
  • Learn to refine results to find the most suitable articles
  • Learn how to identify top articles on a topic
  • Learn how to use the databases more efficiently

Guest speaker: Nele Pauwels (information specialist, Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent)

Societal impact of research – chasing unicorns or shooting fish in a barrel?

Seminar room 4

As a researcher you are expected to articulate or show the impact of your research beyond academia. But it may not always be clear what exactly is expected of you or how you can even plan for impact. This workshop will help you on your way and provide you with tips and tricks in this arena.

Guest speaker: Esther De Smet (research policy adviser, Research Co-ordination Office of Ghent University)