Concurrent 1' elevator pitch presentations

The following Honours Program, Master thesis or PhD students of the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine present their research as pre-recorded 1’ elevator pitch presentations organized as concurrent sessions in different domains.

Jury members: prof. Christophe Ampe, prof. Lies Lahousse, prof. Lieven Vlaminck, prof. Kris Gevaert, prof. Tom Coenye, prof. Bart Broeckx, prof. Koen Raemdonck, prof. Annelies Decloedt, prof. Wim Derave, prof. Filip Van Nieuwerburgh, prof. Hilde De Rooster, prof. Griet Glorieux, prof. Barbara Claus, prof. Tessa Kerre, prof. Stefaan De Smedt, prof. Sarah De Saeger

All submitted videos are accessible on this publicly online forum.

Basic Sciences 1

Virtual room: Basic Sciences 1


Mathys Charlotte

Strategies for boosting local adenosine A1 signaling: from A1 agonists to photopharmacology


Matton Charlotte

Functional dissection of cis-regulatory elements and non-coding variants of the FOXL2 region in ovarian granulosa cells to elucidate the pathogenesis of syndromic female infertility

Honours program

Dequeker Elias

The effect of antibiotics in a gut-originating mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease


Eeckhout Elien

Dissecting the role of different cell death modes in gastrointestinal inflammation


Heyman Emma

Mesenchymal stem cells as an alternative for in vitro meat production


Van Daele Femke

DNA methylation as a biomarker for stress and appetite


Nuytten Gust

Freeze-drying of cell therapies: towards eliminating the cold chain


De Wilde Jilke

The extracellular RNA quality control study

Basic Sciences 2

Virtual room: Basic Sciences 2


Corneillie Laura

Study of HEV protein-protein interactions


Meeremans Marguerite

The regenerative promise of mesenchymal stem cells in equine tendinopathy: novel in vitro model for secretome analysis


Jacobs Merel

Effect of ACE1 polymorphism Rs1799752 on protein levels of ACE2, the SARS-CoV-2 entry receptor, in alveolar lung epithelium


Lootens Orphélie

Mycotoxin - drug interactions at the level of CYP enzymes


Caestacker Sielke

Histological and functional validation of a light-sensitive chloride channel for modulation of the locus coeruleus


Verhelst Sigrid

High throughput MS-based histone PTM screening: Filling a void in toxico- and pharmacoepigenetics


Cools Tom

Advanced wildlife endocrinology: non-invasive monitoring 2.0 to save species biodiversity


Van de Maele Ynse

Development of multi-layered electrospun tubular constructs for tendon repair

Clinical Sciences

Virtual room: Clinical Sciences


Rubio Alvaro Marcos

Development of a blood-based test for immunotherapy response prediction in lung cancer patients


Verbrugghe Caro

A SARS-CoV-2 competition ELISA for COVID-19 convalescent plasma screening


Leyns Clara

Acoustic and perceptual effects of articulation exercises in transgender women

Honours program

Van Acker Emmely

An auditory-cognitive perspective on working memory capacity and processing speed: do verbal and visuospatial testing measure the same cognitive construct?


De Block Fien

How do coaches estimate the muscle fiber typology of their athletes?


Claeys Sari

Psychomotor skills in children with a univentricular heart: an integrated approach


Van Oosterwijck Sophie

Identifying pain generators and potentiators of residual complaints following lumbar discectomy


Vaernewyck Victor

Development of a buccal self-amplifying mRNA vaccine for periodontal disease prophylaxis in dogs

Therapeutic/Diagnostic sciences

Virtual room: Therapeutic/Diagnostic Sciences


Cardona Barberán Arantxa

Development of new diagnostic tests and treatments for ICSI failure


Hermans Eline

Development and validation of a juvenile porcine model to study antibiotic tissue pharmacokinetics in pediatric sepsis


De Neef Elyne

Development of a zebrafish patient-derived xenograft platform for personalized treatment of ovarian cancer patients


Himschoot Lisa

Distribution of the different Gardnella species in pregnant women in Bukavu, Democratic republic of Congo


Ghyselinck Natasje

Preclinical evaluation of 2-[18F]FELP PET for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma imaging and radiation therapy guidance


Vermijs Saar

Kidney perfusion modelling in support of partial nephrectomy procedures


Deprez Sigrid

Fully automated Dried blood spot-based therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressants


Favril Sophie

Fluorescence-guided surgery in dogs with cancer

Health Sciences

Virtual room: Health Sciences


Van Poel Esther

PRICOV-19 study: A multi-country study on quality of care and patient safety in primary care in times of the COVID-19 pandemic


Degraeuwe Eva

The European paediatric clinical trials network conect4children (c4c): activities of the Belgian National Network and its progression


Dhondt Evy

A meta-analytic review on the influence of physiological factors on the nociceptive flexion reflex in healthy people


Hermans Fien

Enhancing muscle function after exacerbations of COPD to limit its impact on physical activity decline


Bolliger Larissa

STRAW Project: Disentangling the sources and context of day-to-day STRess At Work


Middelbos Lotte

The effects of age, sex and biological maturation on the development of executive functions in adolescents


Decraene Marga

The interaction between physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep within preschoolers´ 24-hour day


Helleputte Simon

Glycemic control, cardiovascular health and exercise in type 1 diabetes