Biomek LECRBiomek 4000 automated workstation is a compact liquid handler that can assist in daily pipetting routines working from single vials or 96 well plates. It has 12 deck positions and can pipet from 1µL up to 1000µL. The project set-up is fully customizable and easy to use, fitting the needs for every type of experiment (sample aliquoting, ELISA's, MTT assays, cell staining,...). The biomek 4000 in LECR is equipped with a Positive Pressure HEPA Enclosure, which makes it possible to work in sterile conditions. In LECR the Biomek 4000 is especially used for the generation of iodixanol density gradients (see earlier), sample loading and fractionation of density gradients in order to ensure pure and reproducible isolation of extracellular vesicles from all kinds of samples.




Reference: Van Deun, J., et al., The impact of disparate isolation methods for extracellular vesicles on downstream RNA profiling. J. Extracell. Vesicles., 3, 2014. (I.F. 2014 = NA) (ranking: NA) (new journal) (citations: >185).