MicroparticlesLong term viable cell encapsulation in to microparticles (500µm) is achieved by mixing cells with a mixture of Na-alginate and gelatin. By dripping this mixture in a CaCl2 bath initiating instant gellification. By adding a coating through layer-by-layer the particles are stabilized. The encapsulated cells are sustained in culture medium. Proteins secreted by the encapsulated cells are retained in the coating. The surface of the microparticles mimics the matrix produced by the encapsulated cells and allows /stimulates adhesion of other cells to the surface. Both cell types are physically separated.





Reference: De Vlieghere E. et al., Tumor-environment biomimetics delay peritoneal metastasis formation by deceiving and redirecting disseminated cancer cells. Biomaterials. 2015 Jun;54:148–57.